Thursday, May 17, 2012

21 weeks out

Here we go:-

14 May - 8a.m.

My current weight - first thing in the morning. My strategy is to lose 1kg every two weeks. I choose to take slow and steady pace to lose weight so I won't be so stress on my diet. Stressing to much on cardio and diet will affect my mental alertness.

750 calories in an hour

I have been doing numbers of cardio for the past few days. The minimum amount of time on a Cardio machine would be an hour. I prefer Stair Master and Stepper machine for my cardio because I manage to lose more calories with those machines.

 Tuna, mix vegetable, whole egg and 60g/100g of oats

Breakfast -  I will consistently consume the menu above for my breakfast every day for 5 week before changing to slightly different menu. I choose oats for my breakfast because it keeps me full longer and fill me up well. I don't get bloated sensation like some. I choose to microwave my breakfast and it only take less than five minutes for me to prepare it. Simply easy & Healthy 

 Weet bix, mix vegetable, chicken breast or kangaroo or fish

What is weet-bixWeet-Bix is a high-fiber breakfast biscuit manufactured in Australia and New Zealand by the Sanitarium Health Food Company.

It is best to consume meat with less fat part in our diet and I prefer to consume and easy to  cook meat like chicken breast/ fish as my protein source. Currently I'm consuming 160g-200g of carbs per day from weet-bix and oats. 

As you can see nothing is visible. I need approximately 5 - 8 week to bring out the visibility of my mid section. I have a well develop shoulder but it is far away from a contest condition. I'm not sure what is my body fat percentage but I'm guessing I should be somewhere 14%-18% 

Check out my mid section, its bulging out like a 3 month pregnant man. I'm a very sad man from the front and the side.

The good thing about my back is it's thick and that is my strongest area but I'm hating those love handle. I gain a lot of fat and water on my love handle, my thigh and my glutes. I have just started consuming pre workout as my supplement and my program routine are based on a heavy weight from 8 - 15reps per workout. I consume Brach Chain Amino Acid during my training and also while performing cardio training.

Ten days from now, I'm very sure that I will bring out more definition and tighter physique. 

Winning isn't everything, but the will to win is everything.
Vince Lombardi

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Journey to IFBB amateur Australia

Date is out

IFBB Victorian Championships - Melbourne Victoria October 13th 2012

My first ever show for the year 2012. I've miss out some much due to work and travel. Several months back I have accepted a job as a Personal trainer on a cruise ship and because of that I have stop writing,dieting and also training consistently but now I'm back here in Melbourne to do what I do best - competitive bodybuilding.

I will upload my;

- progress picture every 10 days from 14th of May onwards
- meals and supplementation
- training video

BONUS to my reader, I will share couple of my secret in my training and sports nutrition and do shoot your question as I will answer them honestly. 

What/where can I improve in this 22weeks of training to bring a better package