Tuesday, June 5, 2012

18 weeks out

It has been 3 week after my previous post. Many things came up during those weeks one of them would be hiking during the weekend. I enjoy extreme outdoor activities but this could be one of those activities that help me relax and appreciate the nature as well. I'm a great believer in self meditation and the sound of nature help to ease my problem away within me.

 My life is all about challenge and taking risk. I define myself as a climber "who will stop for nothing to reach the top" that has put me where I am now. I used to be a camper "who wait for something to happen" and that approach seems to left me wasting 3 years of my life doing things that I don't like. What's life if ;

- the person you are with doesn't appreciate you like how you treasure them?
- you are not appreciated by the community even you are trying to help them?
- it's all about money?
- there's a communication barrier between race/religion?

Those are the things that haunt me away from my own country. Now, I am happy where I am and what I'm doing.
 living my life to the edge.

 Daily mealy, 200g of Bassa fish, mix vegetable and couple of rice cake

 I love eating chicken

 Like I mention before, I Love eating chicken almost everyday

 I do have something creamy as my healthy food

 One of my favorite snack 80-100g of cream cheese, mix vegetable and rice cake

 Spinach with chicken supreme  

 My current weight

I may not drop hell lots of weight but I enjoy the process. I have mention that I will take things slow because living a healthy lifestyle is not about how fast I reach my goal instead how much I enjoy my transition. I understand my body very well and I know I will lose most 1kg every 10 to 15days 

 Egg white liquid form

Healthy food is easy to get around here in Melbourne because the community understand that living a healthy lifestyle is the key to longevity. One of the approach that the government already applied is removing carbonated drinks in school for the young community. Based on my POV, parents are responsible for their children eating habits and school are trying to educate some parents to not feed their children with junks or sweet. So the next time you see children who are obese or unhealthy, you know that the parents are not well  educated on eating healthy.

 Still bulky and I need 8 more weeks before those abs will pop out.

 slices of chicken breast with mix vegetable 

Being superstitious 3 chicken for AU3.33