Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mechanical Advantage

Most people know that a shorter limbs person able to lift/ carry more weight than a taller guys. I have train with several big guys and manage to follow their training regime and weight. Reason behind it is not because I have super human strength but it is just a mechanical advantage of my body. 

Movement of the body is produce by a system of levers.These series of levers work together to produce coordination action, some by actual movement (dynamic) and other by stabilization (static).


Axis - Rigid bar that turns about an axis of rotation or a fulcrum

Force - Effort or exertion applied to cause movement against resistance or weight

Resistance - Oppose motive force

Now why does shorter limbs person are best for force training (power lifting) and a taller/ longer limbs person are best suited for speed and range of motion (running/ swimming/etc). All are based on the arm length of the lever.

Resistance Arm - distance between axis and point of resistance application
Force Arm - distance between axis and point of force

The force of an object that is being lift by a subject can be calculate with this formula :


Example (1)                                                  
Force x 2cm = 10kg x 9cm                     
             2cm = 90kg                                                                       
                 F = 45kg                                                                        

Change Insertion 1cm
Force x 3cm = 10kg x 9cm   
3cm = 90kg           
F = 30kg                     

Change point of resistance 1cm
Force x 2cm = 10kg x 8cm 
2cm = 80kg
F = 40kg

To simplify all of this, when 2 person that have different length of upper body. One that has a shorter upper body able to do more than 30 or maybe hundreds of reps for incline crunches whereby the other only a numbers due to the effort that need to produce. On the other hand the taller person has more range of motion to complete a set. Don't be surprise when you see a skinny or a person that never workout before who is  short able to lift heavier or may follow your training regime.  

Thursday, March 17, 2011


6 weeks to go before my first contest. Here are my progress photo and some of my daily meal. I'm aiming to have a single digit body fat and I hope I will achieve it on time. Not so satisfied with my frontal view because my abdominal layer is still thick.

Menu of the week

6 weeks out from INBA Rookie and half way completing the Max's Muscle up Challenge 2011. A few changes in my menu and daily activities. I'm a strong believer that to get a good muscle fullness and condition, a combination of cardiovascular training and the right nutrition is the key. So what are the right nutrition, some say low carbs, high protein with high fat (ketogenic diet) will give you the best physique, some would say high fat, very low carbs that are only recommended and it go by phases (atkins diet). Remember, the goal here is to compete in bodybuilding and bring a great condition with a flawless physique.

If I were to chose either 1, none will I choose because to make my muscle look full glycogen need to be replenish but than again I would use ketogenic diet close to contest just to deplete it before carbing up occur. Some of you may disagree but this work best for me and it may not work for some of you. So try it to understand it. 
As for atkins diet, the diet is design to lose weight and I have no issue with weight unless I'm a women. 

If my weight is high means I'm fat and if my weight is low means I have lose some amount of fat, correct ? Wrong !!

Approximately 60% - 78% of our body weight is water and as we know carbohydrate do holds water. So when someone is not having any carbs in their diet or only consume so little guess what will happen. They lose water weight. People should change their mentality from losing weight means losing fat to "I don't care what's the weight but I just wanna lose fat"

I have explain why I choose to have carbohydrate in my diet and I hope this logical reason will help you notice that  a balance diet consist of protein/carbohydrate/fat is the right way. No matter what sports or goal our body need a balance diet. Cheers

6 weeks out

Breakfast  - 100grm of Turkey + veggies + 200grm sweet potato
Meal 2      - 100grm of Turkey + veggies + 1 tsp olive oil
Pre/work   - 200grm sweet potato + veggies
P/w Shake 
P/w meal   - 100grm of Turkey + veggies + 200grm sweet potato
 Meal 5     -  100grm of Turkey + veggies + 100grm sweet potato
Dinner       - 100grm of Turkey + veggies + 1 tsp olive oil
Supper      - 150grm of Turkey + veggies 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011



As I mention early of this year, this would be one of the expo that no one should miss. It was organize together with the IFBB Grand Prix Australia 2011. I only manage to attend the final day where the IFBB contest ended but I am still able to meet, snap some photos, autograph, win some stuff and receive tons of free samples and bars. I also bought a Jersey from GASP.

RED BAK has some of the greatest taste bars and cookie. I manage to sample their low carb bars that is still not in the market yet and in the end of the day, I received a count full of bars from their gorgeous figure athlete.

To easy for this guy to do 70 push up and at the end of the challenge I received 1 GNC Shaker, 1 Tank-top and a free sample.

It takes a while to meet, chat and have a photo with those IFBB Pro due to the long Q's. Ten minutes to meet with Ben Palkuski, Fifteen minutes to meet with Dennis Wolf and about thirty minutes to meet with Johnnie Jackson but in the end of the day autographs, photos and even video was taken by me.