Few months ago,I am hitting plateau,I started my workout seriously,start reading from any sources from blog,forum,web I came across a forum and know kmaru blog.That would be  1 of the best references and reliable sources i can get . Too much wrong info on the web confused me and makes me dont know where to start from,I'd rather stick to a reliable and experienced bodybuilder,for sharing knowledge sake,I appreciate Kmaru take time to share his knowledge and publish it to the blog. Its interesting by reading hows the body anatomy,kineseology,diet works and hows an experienced bodybuilders dedicated his time to this sports and compete. And being say that the blog owner, kmaru is a very friendly guy,I 'd personally facing BACK problem and thanks to him take times to explain everythings to me,it speaks volume.I wish you all the best for your incoming comeptition.

lowyat.net forum member