Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MR Selangor 2010

My video is up in youtube and I would like to thank Tegap2 for uploading. It was my second contest in year 2010 and I manage to achieve second place again. Three of the High Quality video was upload by Tegap2 and the other was by my camera. Firstly I would like to thank my sponsor "Karangkraf/ Sinar Harian" in believing and sporting me and again I would like to thank Sam Adnan who guided me for my contest prep through the contest season. I also would like to congrats my ex-colleague/ training partner Edmond because he also manage to get second in his category. I'll see ya again soon bro.

Hopefully I would be able to compete in Malaysia if I have time to go back. I have draw a plan for next year. Currently I am in my off season and loading up as much calories as possible and utilize it to fix my lagging area.